Вам подарок — путеводитель по Петербургу!
Изучать город проще и интереснее с помощником в телефоне
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СПб, Лиговский пр., 47
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Anglotourismo (Daytime program): дневная водная прогулка с англоговорящим гидом

Boat tour in St. Petersburg
Boat tour in St. Petersburg
Boat tour in St. Petersburg
Boat tour in St. Petersburg
Boat tour in St. Petersburg
Boat tour in St. Petersburg
впервые в спб
Длительность: 1,5 ч.


Welcome aboard! We’d like to introduce you St. Petersburg’s main sights: palaces and embankments, canals and bridges. Our English-speaking guide will tell you everything about history of this wonderful city.

You'll see the main rivers of our city: The Fontanka, The Moyka, The Winter Canal near of Winter Palace and, of course, The Neva and its famous bridges - Palace Bridge and Trinity Bridge.

Attention! The route will not include The Moika river due to the repair of the Green bridge.

Our pier is on Fontanka, 27. Just walk around 100 metres from Anichkov Bridge (bridge with horses) on Nevsky Prospekt, up the Fontanka River, heading north.

From 24th of Fpril to 11th jf October: 01:15, 12:45, 14:15, 15:45, 17:15, 18:45, 20:15
From 1st of June to 23rd of August: 21:45

Time of voyage: 1,5 hour.

Cost: 1300 roubles.  For students, children under 12 years and senior people — 1100 roubles. The ticket is valid all day long.

FREE for children under 5 years (without a seat).

The route can change due to weather conditions.

Excursion route:

Route Anglotour

Bringing your own food or drinks onboard is prohibited.

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Anglotourismo (Daytime program)

Место начала

наб. р. Фонтанки, 27 (Аничков мост)


1,5 ч.
Экскурсия временно не проводится