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Night bus tour (in English)

St Petersburg night tour
Palace Bridge is Drawing
Strelka at Vasilievsky Island
Griboedova channel
Monument to Nicholas I
Smolny Cathedral
Длительность: 4 ч.


Every big city looks gorgeous both in the day and in the night time. Saint Petersburg, Russian Northern capital, has lots of beautiful images to share with you. These are squares, embankments, palaces, streets, monuments and many others. Alexander Pushkin in his prologue to the famous "The bronze Horseman" poem described white night as an inspirative, dream-awakening and spirit-invigourating time. Now you can see it with your own eyes, as our guide will be telling you stories of intrigues, love affairs, mysteries and other phenomena that could happen only in this city and only in the night time. Please be welcome to the Night Saint Petersburg!

Please notice that ending time is about 3 AM, no public transport is available this time. You can continue the night with walking along many different streets or call a taxi directly to your location. Drawing city bridges can make you wait if you need to cross the river, but fortunately there are several bypasses, e.g. Bolshoy Obuhovsky bridge (that one is not a drawing bridge) or the Western High-Speed Diameter.

Schedule: each Wednesday and Saturday at 23:00.
Duration: 4 hours.

Available dates start from 8 May till 12 October 2019. 

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Night bus tour (in English)

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4 ч.
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